Friday, February 22, 2013


I'm not quite sure if anyone really reads this or not...i'm not even quite sure why i write in here...i took some time to think, so sorry to the ones who read my blog, even though i'm not sure if they exist...come to think of it, i'm not sure of anything anymore...this world is crumbling, fading at each moment...what i consider to be it really? is it just a product of my imagination? is it just a shade of black that haunts my mind? are the ones i call people really there? how can i be sure...and then can you be sure? how can you, my dear reader, know that i am real? That this specter on the other side of this sea of wires really exists...or is just an illusion?

I want to hear your voice...i want to know what bothers you...i am no common person or blogger...i am just a specter in the other side of this cracked mirror...i want to know the problems and worries of what's on your side...i want to understand better this sweet ilusion...Speak with me, my dear reader...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Under the same sky

This world is so beautiful,
A never ending stream,
I feel like a leaf dancing in the wind,
I feel no strings, no pain, no sorrow,
Only when I think about my real size

The universe is such a large place,
Under this sky, people suffer and smile,
Under the same sky as me, children are being born
And sages are dying

Under this same sky,
Knowledge is born and dyes,
Happiness is created and destroyed
Love is formed and shredded.

Under this same sky,
I believe there is true happiness,
And I hope to find it,
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow
But I swear I will never cease searching
And someday, someday I might be rewarded
With everlasting happiness.

                                                                                    Kami Angelum

Dark Light

Under this white curtains
Lays a white world
With white people
In white roads
Dressed in white
Riding white horses

Me? I bring darkness to this world
Darkness that will not cease
Come to my forbidden world
I offer you a golden apple

Come, my child, and you might see
That within this white world that disgusts me
There is untold glory, unforgiving lust
To sin is human, life as no meaning without it
Come, grab my hand, I shall show you
My own, personal Eden…

                                                                     Fazzan Sky


BTW, i just want to say that all that is write in this blog was written by me, however, i give my own work different names accordingly to the feelings i was having at the moment i wrote them.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Golden Rose

This is all you get
Within roses, thorn are born
Within Thorns, roses dye
After all the pain and sorrow
Nothing else matters

With the sweet touch of the afterlife
You will find that within you
There is nothing more, nothing to love
Only withered roses

Among black roses
We shall dance the dance macabre
Because we all dance with the devil

With golden strings attached to us
We are just puppets of destiny
No purpose, no fate, just endless roses that whiter
Just waiting…for that white moment

With the melody from the dead orchestra
I shall continue dancing
For my golden rose is yet to wither
Although…gold and coal…are not that distant
And that is what will remain…ashes…

Allexei Sky

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Memories of Fazzan Sky: Chapter 1

-I am now 5 years old, my sister Komi offered me a diary, she must think i'm a bookworm like her, but oh well. Let's see, what should i write in this thing? Today was my birthday, it's not like i had a party our something, my father's counselors say that only the rightful heir has the right to have a big party, me? Well,  my father knew i wanted to start training, so he offered me a rusted sword, that is about my am i supposed to use that? Well, my rose garden, in the back of the castle, is growing, i planted it last year, but i don't seem to have any roses there...why is that? Why must i be the youngest child? Komi is a summoner, Leon, master of giant swords and the "Sun Prince", Ragner is now aiming to enter the kingdom's army...and me? Well, i don't have Leon's power, Ragner's strength, nor Komi's intelligence...i have nothing...just like my roses, i will never sprout. I must find a master...i must...i must become stronger, all this light decorations sickens me, even my room looks like a church, i am now sitting in a white chair, decorated with light blue flowers, writing in this white desk. In this room, everything is white and blue, as in this castle. I just looked out the window, the weather is calm, too calm, the cherry trees are all blossoming, my father had them planted as a gift for my mother, although she does not like this kind of things, she smiled and thanked him. The world is filled with lies isn't it? Even if they are good lies, people should just say what they feel, not lie to make others happier...i guess.-

This is the first chapter of the life of Fazzan Sky, the life of the younger son of the royal family, say something if you liked, i'm planing on doing more of this...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well, it looks like i'm alone, a single golden rose in a garden filled with grey weeds...just one, standing alone...Well, maybe if i tell you a little story, you may like it, as you know, i am fascinated with royalty and nobility, and so, i created the model of a new era of royalty, you may like is set in another dimension, in nymphea, a beutifull continent, in the land of islands, a small archipelago, in one of those archipelago's islands:

Fazzan Sky, the younger son of the sky sinblings, children of Swarga, the Stormcaller, and Wind, the Witch.
fazzan lived like a weed among flowers, his older brother, heir of the throne, was the perfect person, blond, golden eyes, cultured, mature, strong...perfect. The second child was Komi, a bright girl, interested in history and literature, an amazing summoner since birth, with brown hair and grey eyes.And the youngest twins, Ragner, who mastered the bow and arrows, and was respected by her fiery atittude, and Fazzan...with no powers, normal inteligence, well, he did not stand up at all at any time...but one day, this rotten weed sprouted, and from it bloomed a black rose...I will not tell more, if you liked it, please comment, so i can write more of it.

I know i am not alone, i am not standing alone in this golden world of mine,  please, step out of the shadows and embrace my new noble movement, or my story if you will, i put my heart and soul on it, so please...say something...