Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well, it looks like i'm alone, a single golden rose in a garden filled with grey weeds...just one, standing alone...Well, maybe if i tell you a little story, you may like it, as you know, i am fascinated with royalty and nobility, and so, i created the model of a new era of royalty, you may like is set in another dimension, in nymphea, a beutifull continent, in the land of islands, a small archipelago, in one of those archipelago's islands:

Fazzan Sky, the younger son of the sky sinblings, children of Swarga, the Stormcaller, and Wind, the Witch.
fazzan lived like a weed among flowers, his older brother, heir of the throne, was the perfect person, blond, golden eyes, cultured, mature, strong...perfect. The second child was Komi, a bright girl, interested in history and literature, an amazing summoner since birth, with brown hair and grey eyes.And the youngest twins, Ragner, who mastered the bow and arrows, and was respected by her fiery atittude, and Fazzan...with no powers, normal inteligence, well, he did not stand up at all at any time...but one day, this rotten weed sprouted, and from it bloomed a black rose...I will not tell more, if you liked it, please comment, so i can write more of it.

I know i am not alone, i am not standing alone in this golden world of mine,  please, step out of the shadows and embrace my new noble movement, or my story if you will, i put my heart and soul on it, so please...say something...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Versailles Some people are already doing the rebirth of nobility, like Versailles, watch this video please, i'm sure that if you like this idea, you will like this band

New Noble Movement i walk in the street, i see only suffering and dispair, in this sunny afternoon, the sun burned my soul like never before, i am tired, tired of this society, tell me, is black and white the colors you want your children to see? Do you want them to born trapped in chains? We need to do something about this, i never had the courage to speak my mind like this, but now i reached a point where i needed to get these words out of my mind, and i do not write in my language, but in english so that all the world can read it. the world is filled with white houses, white clothes, white...everything, and people judge whoever likes other colors, who is diferent, but i think it is about time that we stand for what we beleive. I, for one, don't like the normality of my life, so, i propose you something. The 21 st century lacks nobles, not as rich people that don't care about anyone, but as seekers of culture, the ones who behave properly, the ones who are not brain dead, the ones who beleive in a better, more colourful future. The ones who can make an Utopia become reallity. So, i would like to start the new noble movement, let us spread golden roses in this white world. i am Allexei Sky, Count of Caellis. Please, tell me what you think of the idea.